3 March 2018

Pedal car

I don’t know who thought putting a race car number on a tractor was a thing, but it’s genius. This Iron Horse of a soap box and I would have terrorised all comers at the annual Island Bay Ribble Street Races, if I had this little beauty back then. The trick to entering pedal cars in trolley races was to get your feet well clear of the pedals, or your knees would play a drum roll on you chin, as you beat your path of destruction down the hill toward the finish line. Winning would be a certainty but you may not remember it, waking up in bed – the doctor, your mum and kid brother all coming into focus. I guess you could un-bolt the pedals for the occasion but that might be considered illegal modification in the race rules. I’d never have read the race rules mind you, too close to a manual and what self-respecting down-hiller would ever read one of those? Heaven forbid.

One of eight pedal car postcards on Etsy Scooter Modern, see the full set here.