17 May 2015

1908 Mors 13 litre
The Mors company was started in France in 1898 and became involved in motor racing to build a profile and reputation. Mors were among the first to use the V engine format but their real claim to fame was, in 1901, a car fitted with the first shock absorbers. In the same year they won the Paris-Berlin motor race with a 10 litre car that averaged 44 mph – haven't we come a long way. In 1908 they produced this 13 litre four cylinder which proved to be the last Mors racer. Plans to return to racing were cancelled with the onset of WW1. After the war, Mors continued manufacturing but in 1925, André Citroën bought Mors outright and closed it down, using its factory for the production of his Citroën automobiles. Such a shame but there you go.